The National Association of State Boards of Education (NASBE) is the only national organization dedicated to supporting America’s state and territorial boards of education. State boards are an unbiased broker for education decision making, focusing on the big picture, articulating a state's long-term vision and needs of public education, and making policy based on the best interests of students. For almost 60 years, NASBE has focused on supporting and sustaining evidence-based innovation through state policies and programs. Our principal objectives are to strengthen state leadership in education policymaking, advocate equality of access to educational opportunity, promote excellence in the education of all students, and ensure responsible lay governance of education.

NASBE’s work focuses on key areas within the purview of state boards of education: college, career, and civic readiness; effective teacher and leader preparation and support; safe and healthy schools; school climate, discipline and equity; and education data privacy. 

College, Career, and Civic Readiness 

Ensuring that all students are prepared for college, careers, and civic life is the most important responsibility of state boards of education. NASBE’s current priorities include the following:

  • college- and career-ready standards: NASBE is assisting state boards of education and state-level partners in the implementation and policy alignment of college- and career-ready standards across multiple academic disciplines. State boards are leading the way to better prepare students with the knowledge and skills they need to succeed in college and the workforce in this 21st-century global economy.
  • deeper learning: A rapidly changing world demands education systems that equip students with the skills and abilities needed to be lifelong learners. It also requires strong policies on teacher training, assessment, and administrator preparation.  NASBE works to encourage development of state policies, accountability systems, and teacher training standards that promote deeper learning. 

Developing and Sustaining Teachers and Leaders

State boards of education generally have primary responsibility for setting standards for the preparation and development of teachers and school leaders. In many cases, they certify teacher and principal preparation programs as well.

Safe and Healthy Schools

The evidence is compelling that good health is strongly associated with academic success. Since 1987, NASBE has been a leader in promoting evidence-based policies, programs, and practices to ensure that students are safe, fit, healthy, and ready to learn.