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Standards Authority
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The State Board of Education has full authority to adopt standards.

The Alabama College and Career Ready Standards (CCRS), which are based on the Common Core State Standards, are a set of academic standards for math and English being taught in K-12 classrooms across Alabama. Academic standards are expectations for what students should know by the end of each school year. Alabama's standards focus on helping our students gain a deep understanding of concepts being taught and how they apply to real life. Alabama's State Board of Education has the sole authority over what standards (expectations) our state adopts. Local school systems still develop their own curricula (how it's taught) and choose their own textbooks. Individual teachers still develop their own lesson plans.


The State Board of Education has full authority to adopt standards. The Constitution of the State of Alabama in Amendment 284 grants the general supervision of public schools in Alabama to the duly elected Alabama State Board of Education; under this authority, the Alabama State Board of Education serves as the entity charged with the development and adoption of academic content standards in Alabama public schools

Adopting Authority: 
State Board of Education
Implementing Authority: 
State Department of Education
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