Illinois - Content Standards: English Language Arts

English Language Arts
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Illinois updated the English language arts standards in 2010. These standards are aligned to the Common Core State Standards.


As schools implement the new Illinois Learning Standards, incorporating the Common Core, students are learning English language arts (ELA) and literacy instruction through new lessons, classroom approaches and content. The updated Illinois Learning Standards, approved in 2010, mark a new way of learning, one that emphasizes critical thinking, reading and writing and greater depth of understanding.

The Illinois Learning Standards, based on the Common Core, establish clear and consistent expectations for the knowledge and skills that students should acquire at the end of each grade level. They provide more clarity on how students should progress from grade to grade. Compared to Illinois’ former learning standards, the new standards in ELA encourage three major instructional shifts:

• Balance the amount of literature and informational texts
• Use textual evidence to support reading and writing
• Expand academic vocabulary

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State Board of Education
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State Department of Education
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