Montana - Content Standards: Science

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Montana updated the science standards in 2006.


In 2005 the Montana Board of Public Education initiated the Standards Revision Project to assure Montana citizens that its public schools are providing all children of our great state with challenging academic expectations. The Montana Board of Public Education is charged with the responsibility of leading a process of standards revision that meets the following guiding principles. Revised learning standards which are academic in focus, rigorous but attainable, readily understandable, and designed to measure the progress of students toward meeting them,
will lead to the improvement of Montana's schools and a brighter future for our people. Revised standards must clearly and consistently identify what students should know, understand and be able to do. Parents, educators, and the greater Montana community must be involved in the revision process. Revised standards will provide a framework to help guide local curriculum and instruction, encouraging school districts and teachers to place emphasis on critical areas of learning. In addition, standards should be measured and made known to the Montana public. With the vital purpose of improving Montana's schools as our goal, the Montana Board of Public Education sets forth the following criteria to guide the Standards Revision:
1. Standards will be academic in nature and content specific.
2. Standards will be challenging and rigorous.
3. Standards will be clear, understandable and free of jargon.
4. Standards will be measurable.
5. Standards will address diversity specifically fulfilling the commitment to implementing MCA 20-1-501, Indian Education for All.

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State Board of Education
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State Department of Education
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