Nevada - Content Standards: Social Studies

Social Studies
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Nevada updated the social studies standards in 2008.


21st Century learning builds upon and expands beyond the firm foundation of the traditional content areas. Schools which provide a rigorous and relevant inter- or multidisciplinary context add value to their students’ educational experience and prepare them for our constantly changing world. By giving greater prominence to emerging 21st Century Content (Global Awareness: Financial, Economic, and Business Literacy; Civic Literacy; and Health and Wellness Awareness), Use of 21st Century Technology Tools (ICT or Information and Communication Technology), 21st Century Assessments, and 21st Century Learning Skills (Information and Communication Skills, Thinking and Reasoning Skills, and Personal and Workplace Productivity Skills), schools begin to more effectively prepare students to engage successfully in the current millennium. 21st Century students will utilize these skills to work effectively with diverse groups, see others’ perspectives, while learning how to compromise in order
to advance the goals of a democratic society. Promoting student achievement is key to our continued economic and civic success. Nevada, through its State Improvement Plan and recent legislative acts, supports the realignment of systemic efforts incorporating 21st Century Learning.

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State Board of Education
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State Department of Education
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