Wisconsin - Content Standards: Health

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To clearly identify what students should know and be able to do in order to lead healthy lives, the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction created the Wisconsin Standards for Health Education. This document builds upon earlier efforts, including the Wisconsin Model Academic Standards (1997) and the National Health Education Standards (2006). Wisconsin adopted Health Education Standards in 2011.


The Wisconsin Standards for Health Education provides a framework for aligning health education curriculum, instruction, and assessment. In the fall and winter of 2010/11 a team of elementary, middle school, high school, higher education health educators, and administrators created this document with the assistance of Wisconsin Health and Physical Education (WHPE); the Wisconsin Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development; the Association of Wisconsin School Administrators; and the Wisconsin Education Association Council. This team built upon the national standards and developed a rigorous K–12 learning continuum.

The new health education standards include the following components:

• Broad statements of essential student knowledge and skills.

• A rationale for each of the eight health education standards.

• Learning priorities to help school districts develop effective K–12 health education curricula.

• Focus areas to guide teachers regarding the types of health education instruction that will best help students meet the standards.

• A PK–12 learning continuum that provides grade band descriptions for each learning priority.

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Chief State School Officer
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State Department of Education
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