Wyoming - Content Standards: Mathematics

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Wyoming updated the math standards in 2012.


The Common Core State Standards for Mathematics is a state-led effort to establish a single set of clear educational standards that states can share and voluntarily adopt. Including the Common Core State Standards into the 2011 Wyoming Mathematics Content and Performance Standards prepares Wyoming students to be competitive on the national and world stage. These standards are a set of specific, rigorous expectations that build students’ conceptual understanding, mathematical language, and application of processes and procedures coherently from one grade to the next so all students will be prepared for post-secondary experiences. The use of technology is expected throughout all levels of the standards. The focus areas for each grade level and conceptual category establish a depth of knowledge as opposed to a breadth of knowledge across multiple standards in each grade level or content area. The Standards for Mathematical Practices describe the essential ways of thinking and habits of mind that are the hallmark of a mathematically literate and informed citizen.

The Common Core State Standards for mathematics stress both conceptual understanding and procedural skills to ensure students learn and can apply the critical information needed to succeed at each level. This creates a vertical articulation where the mathematics learned in elementary school provides the foundation for the study of statistics, probability, ratio and proportion, geometry, and algebra in middle school. This is, in turn, the bedrock upon which the knowledge needed for success in colleges and careers can be developed in the high school. 

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State Board of Education
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State Department of Education
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