Indiana - Educator Performance Evaluation: Educator Evaluation Policy

Educator Evaluation Policy
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The Board of Education has authority over educator assessments.


With the help of teachers and leaders throughout the state, the Indiana Department of Education has developed an optional model evaluation system named RISE. Whether or not corporations choose to implement RISE, the Department’s goal is to assist corporations in developing or adopting models that comply with Public Law 90 and are fair, credible, and accurate. Regardless of model or system, evaluations must: Be Annual: Every teacher, regardless of experience, deserves meaningful feedback on their performance on an annual basis; Include Student Growth Data: Evaluations should be student-focused. First and foremost, an effective teacher helps students make academic progress. A thorough evaluation system includes multiple measures of teacher performance, and growth data must be one of the key measures. According Indiana Code 20-25-13-3, a staff performance evaluation plan must do the following: (1) provide for evaluation of the school's and the school's educators' performance based on the school's students' performance improvement level under Indiana Code 20-25-11, including the following: (A) Student achievement on assessment tests and assessment programs. (B) Graduation rates. (C) Scholastic aptitude test scores. (D) Other objective standards developed by the board for measuring student, teacher, and administrator performance improvement consistent with: (I) state academic standards; and (ii) student performance improvement levels developed under IC 20-25-11. (2) Provide for: (A) the continuing professional development; and (B) improvement of the performance; of the individuals evaluated. (3) Require periodic assessment of the effectiveness of the plan.

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State Board of Education
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State Department of Education
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