Kansas - Educator Performance Evaluation: Educator Evaluation Policy

Educator Evaluation Policy
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The State Department of Education has authority over educator assessments.


Districts can use the Kansas Educator Evaluation Protocol (KEEP) or a locally developed tool. The system should be rigorous, transparent and equitable for all educators. Rigorous evaluation systems provide multiple opportunities for teacher or leader observations and data collection. The instrument mandates evidenced-based performance decisions described in judgment rubrics including: observations, valid/reliable student achievement data, artifacts and evidence of teaching and learning. Transparent systems require multiple opportunities for input by evaluator and staff being evaluated. The process of evaluation is collaborative. It includes self-reflection and goal setting, and it is reflective of a continuous improvement model. Equitable evaluation systems require that all teachers and building leaders are afforded the same opportunities as other teachers/leaders in the district, including opportunities for job-embedded professional development in effective instructional practices; access to resources including mentors, teacher leaders and/or supervisors; and appropriate assistance in monitoring student progress and adjusting instruction.

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State Department of Education
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State Department of Education
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