Missouri - Educator Performance Evaluation: Educator Evaluation Authority

Educator Evaluation Authority
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The State Legislature has full authority to adopt educator evaluations.


State Board of Education. Initially passed by legislature, gives power to LBE to require evaluations and gives power to Department to develop a model system. SBE ultimately approves evaluation system. In 2013, the model evaluation system for educators was adopted in over 100 school districts. It includes that evaluation processes are formative in nature and lead to continuous improvement; are aligned to standards that reflect excellence; build a culture of informing practice and promoting learning; and are multiple, balanced measurements that are fair and ethical. Districts are encouraged to collectively establish basic beliefs that serve as the foundation of their local evaluation process. Based on the beliefs that are the foundation of evaluation in the state’s model, the primary purpose of the Teacher Evaluation Protocol is to promote growth in effective practice that ultimately increases student performance.

Adopting Authority: 
State Legislature
Implementing Authority: 
State Department of Education
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