Alaska - Educator Preparation and Licensure: Teacher Licensure Renewal

Teacher Licensure Renewal
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For certification renewal, teachers must provide required information to the Department and complete professional development coursework.


A certificate issued under 4 AAC 12.345, 4 AAC 12.355, or 4 AAC 12.360 may be renewed any number of times by completing three semester hours of credit in one or more subjects determined by the department under 4 AAC 12.305(b) (5), and three semester hours of upper division or graduate credit, or the equivalent of semester hours in trimester or quarter hours or other equivalent, as determined by the department, earned during the life of the certificate. In addition to the requirements of (a) of this section, a certificate may not be renewed unless the applicant supplies two completed fingerprint cards, with fingerprinting performed by a law enforcement agency or a person who has been trained in recording fingerprints, for separate submittal to the Department of Public Safety and the Federal Bureau of Investigation; the department will accept a name-based criminal history background check on an applicant form the agency performing the background check if the requirements of AS 14.20.020 (j) are met; and the fee for the criminal background check in the amount charged by the Department of Public Safety as set out in 13 AAC 68.900; and successfully passes the criminal background check in accordance with AS 14.20.020 and 4 AAC 12.300.

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State Department of Education
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