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Educator Licensure Policy
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In order to receive an initial teaching license in Colorado, an applicant must have earned a bachelor's degree, completed an approved teacher preparation program, and passed a state content assessment.


An Initial Teacher License shall be valid for three years after the date of issuance and may be renewed as provided in section 12.01 of these Rules.
3.01(1) Applicants who have completed an Approved Program of Preparation at an Institution of Higher Education. An Initial Teacher License may be issued to an applicant who has met the following requirements:
3.01(1)(a) The applicant holds a bachelor’s or higher degree from an accepted institution.
3.01(1(b) The applicant has completed an approved teacher preparation program at an accepted institution of higher education.
3.01(1)(c) The applicant has provided an institutional recommendation which:
3.01(1)(c)(i) Verifies satisfactory completion of the approved program;
3.01(1)(c)(ii) Specifies the grade/developmental level(s), endorsement area(s) or specialization(s) completed by the applicant;
3.01(1)(c)(iii) Verifies successful completion of student teaching, internship, or practicum and the grade/developmental level(s)/and endorsement/specialization areas of the experience;
3.01(1)(c)(iv) Certifies that the applicant has demonstrated thorough knowledge of the subject matter to be taught and has the competencies essential for educational service; and,
3.01(1)(c)(v) Such institutional recommendation shall not be required for applicants who completed educator preparation programs as described in section 2.03 (3)(c) of these Rules.
3.01(1)(d) Has submitted the application for a license, including the official transcripts, the fees, and other supporting data as required in section 2.04 of these Rules.
3.01(1)(e) Has demonstrated subject matter knowledge necessary for teaching in the endorsement area.
3.01(1)(e)(i) For elementary education teachers, including special education generalist teachers, by passage of the Colorado State Board of Education approved elementary content test.
3.01(1)(e)(ii) For secondary teachers by:
3.01(1)(e)(ii)(1) a degree in the endorsement area, or
3.01(1)(e)(ii)(2) Passage of the Colorado State Board of Education approved assessment of content area knowledge relevant to the person's area of endorsement; or
3.01(1)(e)(ii)(3) Twenty-four hours of coursework in the endorsement area.

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State Board of Education
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State Department of Education
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