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Educator Licensure Policy
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In order to become a certified teacher in Florida, applicants must hold a bachelor's degree, complete an approved teacher preparation program, and pass a content examination. Other specific requirements for each type of certificate are listed.


To qualify for a temporary certificate, the applicant must:

1. File a written statement under oath that the applicant subscribes to and will uphold the principles incorporated in the Constitutions of the United States and of the State of Florida.
2. Be at least 18 years of age.
3. Document receipt of a bachelor's or higher degree from an accredited institution of higher learning. The bachelor's or higher degree may not be required in areas approved in rule by the State Board of Education as nondegreed areas. Each applicant seeking initial certification must have attained at least a 2.5 overall grade point average on a 4.0 scale in the applicant's major field of study. The applicant may document the required education by submitting official transcripts from institutions of higher education or by authorizing the direct submission of such official transcripts through established electronic network systems.
4. Meet such academic and professional requirements based on credentials certified by standard institutions of higher learning, including any institutions of higher learning in this state accredited by an accrediting association that is a member of the Commission on Recognition of Postsecondary Accreditation, as prescribed by the state board.
5. Be competent and capable of performing the duties, functions, and responsibilities of a teacher.
6. Be of good moral character.

Adopting Authority: 
State Board of Education
Implementing Authority: 
State Department of Education
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