Florida - Educator Preparation and Licensure: Teacher Licensure Renewal

Teacher Licensure Renewal
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In order to renew a certificate, educators are required to accumulate 6 semester hours (or the equivalent) over the life of the license in order to renew a certificate.


A professional certificate may be renewed for the individual who meets the requirements specified below:
(a) Completes six (6) semester hours of college credit or the equivalent as described below or an amount as specified in subsection (2) of this rule for retention of certificate coverages:
(b) A passing score on a subject area test in the certification area shown on the certificate may be used to renew the coverage on the professional certificate. A subject area test shall be approved by the Florida State Board of Education and shall be in a certification area shown on the certificate
(c) A certificate issued by the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards is deemed to meet state renewal requirements for the life of the educator’s national certificate in the subject shown on the national certificate.

Implementing Authority: 
State Department of Education
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