Iowa - Educator Preparation and Licensure: Educator Licensure Authority

Educator Licensure Authority
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The Iowa Board of Educational Examiners oversees the Iowa teacher certification process and dictates the requirements needed in order to become certified within the state.


The board of educational examiners is created to exercise the exclusive authority to:

1. License practitioners, which includes the authority to establish criteria for the licenses; establish issuance and renewal requirements; create application and renewal forms; create licenses that authorize different instructional functions or specialties; develop a code of professional rights and responsibilities, practices, and ethics, which shall, among other things, address the failure of a practitioner to fulfill contractual obligation; and develop any other classifications, distinctions, and procedures which may be necessary to exercise licensing duties. In addressing the failure of a practitioner to fulfill contractual obligations, the board shall consider factors beyond the practitioner's control.

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Independent Board
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State Department of Education