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Educator Licensure Policy
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In order to be certified in the Mariana Islands, applicants must have at least a bachelor's degree from an accredited institution and passed both the Praxis I and II.


(i) Eligibility Requirements
(A) The basic I certificate requires that teachers, school librarians, school counselors, school administrators and other professional applicants possess either a baccalaureate, masters, or doctoral degree resulting from a course of instruction of at least three and one-half years length at a college or university recognized by U.S. accreditation commissions approved by PSS. An applicant who possesses a baccalaureate, masters or doctoral degree resulting from a course of instruction of at least three and one-half years length at a college or university not accredited from an approved commission shall have his/her transcript of courses evaluated and certified to be equivalent to a degree conferred by accredited schools. The certification and evaluation of program equivalency shall only be conducted by the agencies identified and approved by PSS. The applicant is responsible for the cost of the program equivalency certification. Failure to obtain such certification shall render an applicant disqualified for failure to meet the education requirement(s) of the position.
(B) A basic instructor certificate may be provided to instructor applicants in specialized areas who submit the required documentation below (ยง 60-30.2-225 (iii)(A), (B), (E), and (F)) and meet the minimum requirements as set forth in the PSS classification guidelines.
(C) Submittal of documentation requirements prior to effective date of employment. Requirements include:
7. Effective August 1, 2006: Test result showing that an applicant has taken and passed PRAXIS I and II exams, excluding professionally licensed related services providers. Effective May 26, 2010: Alternatively, proof of passage of a rigorous content knowledge test administered by an individual jurisdiction deemed substantially equivalent to passing the PRAXIS I and II exams (as determined by the Board of Education through their representative, the Coordinator of Certification and Licensure) shall satisfy this requirement for an applicant's initial two-year Basic I certification. Any renewal of certification or subsequent application for Basic I certification shall require that the applicant show that they have passed the PRAXIS I and II exams.

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State Board of Education
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State Department of Education
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