Mississippi - Educator Preparation and Licensure: Educator Licensure Policy

Educator Licensure Policy
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In order to become a certified teacher in Mississippi, an applicant must hold a bachelor's degree from an accredited institution, pass both the Praxis I and II, and hold a 2.75 GPA in pre-program coursework.


1. Bachelor’s degree or higher in Teacher Education from a state approved or NCATE/CAEP approved program from a regionally/nationally
accredited institution of higher learning
2. Twenty-one (21) ACT equivalent or achieve the nationally recommended passing score on the Praxis CORE (Core Academic Skills for Educators) examination; and no less than 2.75 GPA on pre-major coursework of the institution's approved teacher education program provided that the accepted cohort of candidates meets or exceeds a 3.0 GPA on pre-major coursework.
3. Praxis II scores at or above the national recommended score provided that the accepted cohort of candidates of the institution's teacher education program meets or exceeds a 3.0.
4. Praxis II (Principles of Learning and Teaching Test)

Adopting Authority: 
State Board of Education
Implementing Authority: 
State Department of Education
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