New Mexico - Educator Preparation and Licensure: Educator Licensure Policy

Educator Licensure Policy
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In order to become a certified teacher in New Mexico, an applicant must have specific educational coursework.


A. The department shall require a person seeking licensure or reciprocity in elementary or secondary education to have completed the following minimum requirements in the college of arts and sciences:
(1) twelve hours in English;
(2) twelve hours in history, including American history and western civilization;
(3) nine hours in mathematics for elementary education and six hours in mathematics for secondary education;
(4) six hours in government, economics or sociology;
(5) twelve hours in science, including biology, chemistry, physics, geology, zoology and botany; and
(6) six hours in fine arts.

Adopting Authority: 
State Department of Education
Implementing Authority: 
State Department of Education
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