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Educator Preparation Authority
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The New York Commissioner of Education oversees teacher preparation programs in the state.


12. The commissioner of education is authorized and directed to establish and provide for the maintenance and conduct of courses of study or training in state teachers colleges and state colleges for teachers and in colleges and universities and other educational institutions and in connection with other educational agencies for the purpose of training teachers in principles and methods of instruction, and to give them knowledge to fit them to instruct foreign born and native adults and minors over sixteen years of age in evening, extension, factory, home and community classes. Such courses of study shall be prescribed by the commissioner of education and shall continue for a period of not less than one year. No teacher employed to instruct foreign born and native adults and minors over sixteen years of age shall be employed by the state or compensated in whole or in part by the state, unless he shall have completed such course of study or training or shall have an equivalent thereof to be determined under the regulations of the commissioner of education. A special certificate shall be issued to teachers who have completed such course of study or a course of instruction which is equivalent thereto, provided, however, that temporary permits may be issued by the commissioner of education to teachers who are qualified to give such instruction pending the completion of such a course of study or training.
12-a. The commissioner shall evaluate the effectiveness of all teacher preparation programs in the state, and the timelines and costs of developing or modifying data systems to collect the necessary data. Such study shall consider measuring the effectiveness of such programs based on the academic performance of their students and graduates and through other measures. The commissioner shall consult with the chancellors of the state university of New York and the city university of New York, and other representatives of institutions of higher education. Upon completion of such study, the commissioner shall make recommendations to the board of regents on implementation of such methodologies.

Adopting Authority: 
Chief State School Officer
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State Department of Education
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