Texas - Educator Preparation and Licensure: Teacher Licensure Renewal

Teacher Licensure Renewal
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Professional education is required for teachers in order to renew their license.


(b) To be eligible for renewal, an educator must:
(1) satisfy continuing professional education requirements, pursuant to §232.11of this title (relating to Number and Content of Required Continuing Professional Education Hours);
(2) hold a valid standard certificate that is not currently suspended and has not been surrendered in lieu of revocation or revoked by lawful authority;
(3) not be a respondent in a disciplinary proceeding under Chapter 249 of this title (relating to Disciplinary Proceedings, Sanctions, and Contested Cases);
(4) successfully resolve any reported criminal history, as defined by §249.3 of this title (relating to Definitions);
(5) not be in default on a guaranteed student loan reported by the Texas Guaranteed Student Loan Corporation or a judgment debt for a student loan owed to the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board, unless repayment arrangements have been made;
(6) not be in arrears of child support, pursuant to the Texas Family Code, Chapter 232;
(7) pay the renewal fee, pursuant to §232.25 of this title (relating to Fees Payable Upon Certificate Renewal or Reactivation), which shall be a single fee regardless of the number of certificates being renewed; and
(8) submit fingerprints in accordance with §232.35(c) of this title (relating to Submission of Required Information) and the TEC, §22.0831.

Adopting Authority: 
Independent Board
Implementing Authority: 
State Department of Education
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