Wisconsin - Educator Preparation and Licensure: Teacher Licensure Renewal

Teacher Licensure Renewal
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All teachers in Wisconsin are to create a professional development plan approved by the state superintendent in order to renew their license.


(a) A professional educator shall complete a professional development plan that demonstrates increased proficiency and which reflects the standards in subch. II, as appropriate, including:
1. Goals and objectives, which address the selected standards in subch. II with a rationale for each goal.
2. Identified activities related to the professional development goals with evidence of application to the classroom or learning community.
3. A timeline for achieving the professional development goals with evidence of annual review of goals and activities.
4. Evidence of collaboration with professional peers and others including the review panel required under par. (c).
5. An assessment plan that specifies indicators of growth and how meeting the goals improved the educator's professional knowledge and affected student learning.

Implementing Authority: 
State Department of Education
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