Florida - Educator Professional Growth and Development: Administrator Licensure Renewal

Administrator Licensure Renewal
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For an administrator licensure to be renewed, 6 semester hours of professional development is required.


(1) Professional certificate. A professional certificate may be renewed for the individual who meets the requirements specified below:
(a) Completes six (6) semester hours of college credit or the equivalent as described below or an amount as specified in subsection (2) of this rule for retention of certificate coverages:
(b) Subject area tests. A passing score on a subject area test in the certification area shown on the certificate may be used to renew the coverage on the professional certificate. A subject area test shall be approved by the Florida State Board of Education and shall be in a certification area shown on the certificate. One (1) test shall be equal to three (3) semester hours of college credit. Official documentation of a passing score on each subject area test used for renewal of the certificate shall be submitted electronically from the test administration agency beginning July 1, 2002, to the Bureau of Educator Certification, Florida Department of Education or shall be the original score report issued by the test administration agency for scores earned prior to July 1, 2002.
(c) National board certification. A certificate issued by the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards is deemed to meet state renewal requirements for the life of the educator’s national certificate in the subject shown on the national certificate. Official documentation shall be a photocopy of the national certificate.

Adopting Authority: 
State Board of Education
Implementing Authority: 
State Department of Education
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