Maryland - Educator Professional Growth and Development: Professional Development

Professional Development
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Maryland has adopted 9 standards for professional development: content knowledge and quality teaching, research-based, collaboration, diverse learning needs, student learning environments, family involvement, data-driven, evaluation, and design and teacher learning.


When fully implemented, these standards and the related indicators can help improve the quality of professional development by:
• Providing a clear vision of high-quality professional development that recognizes local needs, priorities, and resources;
• Guiding planning, designing, implementing, and evaluating high quality professional development, including both professional development programs and an entire professional development agenda;
• Supporting alignment of professional development with goals for improving student learning and state, district, and school policies and priorities;
• Informing allocation of resources for professional development; and
• Defining accountability for ensuring that professional development is of the highest quality and readily accessible to all teachers.

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State Department of Education
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State Department of Education
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