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Professional Development
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Massachusetts has adopted ten standards for professional development.


The ten standards that make up the Massachusetts Standards for Professional Development:

-HQPD has clear goals and objectives relevant to desired student outcomes.
-HQPD aligns with state, district, school, and/or educator goals or priorities.
-HQPD is designed based on the analysis of data relevant to the identified goals, objectives, and audience.
-HQPD is assessed to ensure that it is meeting the targeted goals and objectives.
-HQPD promotes collaboration among educators to encourage sharing of ideas and working together to achieve the identified goals and objectives.
-HQPD advances an educator's ability to apply learnings from the professional development to his/her particular content and/or context.
-HQPD models good pedagogical practice and applies knowledge of adult learning theory to engage educators.
-HQPD makes use of relevant resources to ensure that the identified goals and objectives are met.
-HQPD is taught or facilitated by a professional who is knowledgeable about the identified objectives.
-HQPD sessions connect and build upon each other to provide a coherent and useful learning experience for educators

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State Board of Education
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State Department of Education
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