Vermont - Educator Professional Growth and Development: Administrator Licensure Renewal

Administrator Licensure Renewal
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In order to renew a license, administrators must complete professional learning activities through a minimum of 6 credit hours or 90 clock hours.


5432.3 The local or regional standards board or the Office shall recommend renewal of a Level II endorsement if the applicant presents the following:
A. Professional learning through completion of a minimum of six (6) credits or 90 hours in the endorsement area. Professional Learning may apply to more than one endorsement if applicable, however, at least two (2) credits or 30 hours must address the specific knowledge and performance standards of the endorsement(s) being renewed and must occur within the five (5) years preceding renewal of the Level II Educator License in each endorsement area. Professional learning will be verified in accordance with Standards Board policy by the local or regional standards Board or the Office who will determine the applicability of the professional learning activities.
B. Evidence of any required additional licenses or credentials specific to a particular endorsement.
C. If practicing in an endorsement area, documentation of a self-assessment in relation to the Core Teaching Standards and Progressions or the Core Leadership Standards. The Office shall provide a verification form for L/RSBs for this purpose.

Adopting Authority: 
Standards Board
Implementing Authority: 
State Department of Education
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