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Professional Development
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The Virginia Department of Education has not adopted professional development standards, but they have outlined characteristics of high-quality professional development.


High-quality professional development should:
a) improve and increase teachers’ knowledge of the academic subjects the teachers teach, and enable teachers to become highly qualified if they are teaching in a federal core content area;
b) be sustained, intensive, and classroom-focused in order to have a positive and lasting impact on classroom instruction and teachers’ performance in the classroom;
c) be based on, aligned with, and directly related to Virginia’s Standards of Learning;
d) be structured on scientifically-based research demonstrated to improve student academic achievement or substantially increase the knowledge and teaching skills of teachers;
e) be sponsored by school divisions, colleges, universities, organizations, associations, or other entities experienced in providing professional development activities to teachers and instructors;
f) be delivered by individuals who have demonstrated qualifications and credentials in the focus area of the professional development;
g) support the success of all learners including children with special needs and limited English proficiency;
h) provide training for teachers in the use of technology so that technology and technology applications are effectively used in the classroom to improve teaching and learning in the curricula and federal core academic subjects in which the teachers teach;
i) promote the use of data and assessments to improve instruction; and
j) be reviewed for high quality and evaluated after completion to determine if the intended results were achieved.

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State Department of Education
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State Department of Education
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