Connecticut - Graduation Requirements: Additional Graduation Requirements

Additional Graduation Requirements
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Connecticut requires 10 credits worth of "other" graduation requirements.


Connecticut also has additional graduation requirements, including:
-1 credit in Stem elective (Science, Mathematics, Math/Science Tutorial, Technology, Engineering or other STEM courses);
-1 credit in Humanities electives (English, english language arts tutorial, world languages, social science, fine arts or other humanities courses);
-1.5 credits in Career and Life Skills, including .5 credits in Comprehensive Health Education and 1 credit in Physical Education;
-2 credits in Required Career & Life Skills Electives, (to include Career and Technical Education, World Languages, English as a Second Language, Community Service, or other Career & Life Skills courses such as Personal Finance, Public Speaking, and Nutrition & Physical Activity);
-3.5 open electives; and.
-1 credit of the capstone experience.

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State Department of Education
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