Hawaii - Graduation Requirements: Additional Graduation Requirements

Additional Graduation Requirements
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Hawaii has additional requirements for graduation.


Additionally, Hawaii requires 2 credits in one of the following:
-World Language (Credits must be taken in sequence with consecutive course numbers in the study of one language.);
-Fine Arts (Two credits in a Fine Arts discipline: Visual Arts, Music, Drama or Dance. Credits do not need to be in a single discipline.); or,
-Career and Technical Education / JROTC (Two credits need to be in a single career pathway program of study sequence. JROTC: Two consecutive JROTC courses fulfill CTE two credits for diploma requirements.)


-1 credit of Physical Education (combining Physical Education Lifetime Fitness (0.5 credit) and Physical Education basic elective (0.5 credit));
-0.5 credits in Health Today and Tomorrow;
-0.5 credits in a Personal Transition Plan; and,
-For HS diploma, 6 electives. For DOE Recognition diploma, 5 electives and 1 credit senior project.

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State Department of Education
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