Massachusetts - Graduation Requirements: Science

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Massachusetts requires three units of a laboratory Science for graduation.


Local education agencies in MA have the authority to determine their own requirements for a high school diploma. However, starting with the graduating class of 2010, students shall take a discipline-specific Science and Technology/Engineering MCAS test (Biology, Chemistry, Introductory Physics or Technology/Engineering) by grade 10. MA also has a recommended graduation program, where they recommend three years of lab-based sciences. This program is called MassCore.

Note below Massachusetts has no real statewide graduation requirements outside of the Competency Determination (detailed below). There are references in Mass. General Law to a course covering "civics" and physical education being offered every year, but not necessarily specific to graduation.

In addition to meeting local requirements for graduation, students must pass one of the high school science and technology/engineering tests in Biology, Chemistry, Introductory Physics, or Technology/Engineering, through the class of 2019.

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State Department of Education
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