New York - Graduation Requirements: Additional Graduation Requirements

Additional Graduation Requirements
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New York requires 8 credits of "other" courses for graduation.


Additionally, New York requires:
-0.5 credit of Health;
-1 credit of art;
-1 credit of Language Other than English;
-2 credits of Physical Education; and,
-3.5 credits in unspecified electives.

Students with a disability may be excused from the requirement for one unit of credit in a Language Other than English if so indicated in the Individualized Education Program (IEP). Students must receive Language Other than English instruction no later than the beginning of Grade 8 and complete 2 units of study by the end of grade 9.

To earn the Regents Diploma with Advanced Designation, the student must complete one of the following: two additional units in a language other than English (3 Language Other than English credits total) and a passing score on the Regents Exam, a locally developed Check Point B Language Other than English Exam or a Department approved alternative; a career and technical education (5 credit CTE sequence); or an Arts (5 credit sequence). Students with disabilities who are exempt from the Language Other than English requirements as indicated on the IEP may earn the Advanced Designation and do not have to complete a 5 unit sequence described above as long as the required number of credits to graduate are met.

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State Department of Education
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