Oklahoma - Graduation Requirements: Additional Graduation Requirements

Additional Graduation Requirements
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10 units of "other" courses are required.


This includes:
-2 units of foreign language or computer technology;
-1 unit of fine arts or speech;
-1 additional unit of set of competencies;
-7 unspecified electives.

Beginning with students entering 9th grade in the 2008-09 school year, every student shall demonstrate mastery of the state academic content standards in the following subject areas in order to graduate from a public high school with a standard diploma:
_____ English II, and
_____ Algebra I, and two of the following:
_____ English III
_____ Algebra II
_____ Geometry
_____ Biology I
_____ U.S. History

Personal Financial Literacy Requirement (Title 70 O.S. ยง 11-103.6h) Beginning with students entering the 7th grade in the 2008-2009 school year, in order to graduate from a public high school, students must complete and demonstrate satisfactory knowledge in 14 areas of instruction related to financial literacy, including such topics as credit card debt, saving money, interest, balancing a checkbook, understanding loans, identity theft, and earning an income. School districts have the option of determining when the areas of instruction are taught and whether these are integrated into existing courses or taught as a separate course (which may count as an elective credit).

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State Department of Education
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