Utah - Graduation Requirements: Science

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3 credits of science courses are required to graduate in Utah.


This shall be met minimally through successful completion of two courses from the following science foundation areas:
-Earth Science (1.0 units of credit);
-Biological Science (1.0 units of credit);
-Chemistry (1.0 units of credit);
-Physics (1.0 units of credit); or

One of the following Computer Science courses (.5 or 1.0 units of credit):
-Advanced Placement Computer Science;
-Computer Science Principles; or
-Computer Programming II; and
-One additional unit of credit from: the foundation courses or the applied or advanced science list determined by the LEA board and approved by the Board using the following criteria and consistent with the student's SEOP/Plan for College and Career Readiness:
-Courses are within the field/discipline of science with a significant portion of instruction aligned to science content, principles, knowledge, and skills;
-Courses provide instruction that leads to student understanding of the nature and disposition of science;
-Courses apply the fundamental concepts and skills of science;
-Courses provide developmentally appropriate content;
-Courses include the areas of physical, natural, or applied sciences; and
-Courses develop students' skills in scientific inquiry.

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State Department of Education
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