California - Professional Program Standards and Requirements: Educator Preparation Policy

Educator Preparation Policy
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The Commission on Teacher Credentialing approves educator preparation programs.


California uses it's own standards, but if other state or national standards are found to be comparable, they can be substituted. § 44225.7. Fully prepared teachers; approval of candidates where fully prepared teachers are unavailable — As used in this section, a “fully prepared teacher” means an individual who has completed a teacher preparation program. For purposes of this subdivision, a “teacher preparation program” means either a set of courses, including supervised field experience, or an equivalent alternative program, that provides a curriculum of systematic preparation for serving as an educator in California public schools. If you attend an in state, Commission-approved teacher preparation program, you must also complete the student teaching portion of that program, under California rules.

Adopting Authority: 
Independent Board
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State Department of Education
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