Colorado - Professional Program Standards and Requirements: Educator Preparation Policy

Educator Preparation Policy
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In order for a teacher preparation to be approved, the program must have a comprehensive admission system, continuing screening, in-depth coursework, 800 hours of field experience, and continual assessment.


(2) The commission shall adopt policies establishing the requirements for teacher preparation programs offered by institutions of higher education. At a minimum, the requirements shall ensure that each teacher preparation program may be completed within four academic years, is designed on a performance-based model, and includes:
(a) A comprehensive admission system that includes screening of and counseling for students who are considering becoming teacher candidates;
(b) Ongoing screening and counseling of teacher candidates by practicing teachers or faculty members;
(c) Course work and field-based training that integrates theory and practice and educates teacher candidates in the methodologies, practices, and procedures of teaching standards-based education and specifically in teaching to the state model content standards adopted teaching to the state preschool through elementary and secondary education standards adopted.
(d) A requirement that each teacher candidate complete during the course of the teacher preparation program a minimum of eight hundred hours of supervised field-based experience that relates to predetermined learning standards;
(e) A requirement that each teacher candidate, prior to graduation, must demonstrate the skills required for licensure
(f) Comprehensive, ongoing assessment including evaluation of each teacher candidate's subject matter and professional knowledge and ability to demonstrate skill in applying the professional knowledge base.

Adopting Authority: 
Department of Higher Education
Implementing Authority: 
State Department of Education
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