DC - Professional Program Standards and Requirements: Educator Preparation Policy

Educator Preparation Policy
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The State Superintendent of Education shall develop policies or directives setting forth objective and verifiable standards for the approval, renewal, and revocation of approval by the OSSE of teacher preparation and practicing teacher programs in the District of Columbia that qualify candidates to earn a Regular Teaching Credential.


(a) Only programs sponsored by an accredited institution of higher education, a non-profit organization, or LEA may be considered for approval pursuant to this subsection by the OSSE.
(b) Any approval granted by the OSSE pursuant to this subsection, shall specify the objective and verifiable standards that must be successfully completed to qualify a candidate for the Regular Teaching Credential pursuant to subsections 1601.3, 1601.4 or 1601.5 of this chapter.
(c) Any such programs in existence as of the date of the final approval of this regulation, shall maintain their qualified status pursuant to this subsection, for the duration of the term of their current approval as a qualified program. Programs approved by other states and recognized by the OSSE may also qualify candidates to earn a Regular II Teaching Credential.
(d) Each application for the approval of a teacher preparation or practicing teacher program located in the District of Columbia under this Section shall at a minimum include industry recognized standards in child development, classroom management, and content knowledge.

Adopting Authority: 
Chief State School Officer
Implementing Authority: 
State Department of Education
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