Louisiana - Professional Program Standards and Requirements: Educator Preparation Policy

Educator Preparation Policy
Policy Type: 

Institutions must present a written summary of program guidelines that include the requirements outlined in the document in order to be approved.


B. For public and private institutions of higher education, the proposal will include the following items:
1. official declaration of intent in the form of a letter from the head of the institution;
2. evidence of regional accreditation status;
3. a narrative that follows state-approved guidelines, which are available from the Louisiana Department of Education or the Board of Regents. These guidelines include:
a. documentation describing general education classes
b. documentation describing certification areas to be offered, with required courses to meet state certification requirements,
c. evidence of collaboration with school districts, including a plan for development of an advisory board of community, district and university representatives. The written plan should describe how the council would be used and should name members and/or potential members;
d. evidence to show that the institution's governing structure will endorse and financially support a teacher and/or educational leader preparation unit and programs;
e. documentation showing expertise of individuals directed to guide the unit and its programs

Adopting Authority: 
State Board of Education
Implementing Authority: 
State Department of Education
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