Massachusetts - Professional Program Standards and Requirements: Educator Preparation Policy

Educator Preparation Policy
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Institutions must follow the program approval standards for their teacher preparation program approval.


(2) Program Approval Standards. Each sponsoring organization seeking approval of its preparation program(s) shall provide evidence addressing the following Program Approval Standards, in accordance with the Guidelines for Program Approval.
(a) Continuous Improvement: Conduct an annual evaluation to assess program compliance, effectiveness, and impact using an evidence-based system to ensure continuous improvement.
(b) Collaboration and Program Impact: Collaborate with school districts to ensure positive impact in meeting the needs of the districts.
(c) Capacity: Create, deliver and sustain effective preparation programs.
(d) Subject Matter Knowledge.
(e) Professional Standards for Teachers.
(f) Professional Standards for Administrative Leadership: Ensure that program completers have been assessed and mastered the Professional Standards for Administrative Leadership at the level of an initially licensed administrator.
(g) Educator Effectiveness: Analyze and use: aggregate evaluation ratings data of program completers, employment data on program completers employed in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, results of survey data, and other available data to improve program effectiveness.

Adopting Authority: 
Chief State School Officer
Implementing Authority: 
State Department of Education
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