Michigan - Professional Program Standards and Requirements: Educator Preparation Policy

Educator Preparation Policy
Policy Type: 

The Superintendent of Public Instruction has the authority to approve preparation programs.


The Michigan Department of Education requires the completion of a bachelor’s degree program, at minimum, from a state-approved teacher preparation program in order to be eligible for a teaching certificate. If you attended a teacher preparation program in another state, the Michigan Department of Education will recognize your credentials as long as that teacher preparation program is recognized for certification purposes by the Department of Education in that state. If you attended college in a foreign country, the Michigan Department of Education reserves the right to request a course-by-course evaluation of your credentials at the time of your online application for certification. Programs must be accredited and meet standards as determined by CAEP. Programs may result in certificates and certificate endorsements issued on a teaching certificate.

Adopting Authority: 
Chief State School Officer
Implementing Authority: 
State Department of Education
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