Utah - Professional Program Standards and Requirements: Educator Preparation Policy

Educator Preparation Policy
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In order for a teacher preparation program to be approved to give licenses, they must be accredited and meet the following criteria.


C. To be approved for license recommendation the educator preparation program shall:
(1) be accredited by NCATE or TEAC; or
(2) be accredited by CAEP using the CAEP Program Review with National Recognition or CAEP Program Review with feedback options; and
(3) have a physical location in Utah where students attend classes or if the program provides only online instruction:
(a) the program's primary headquarters shall be located in Utah and
(b) the program shall be licensed to do business in Utah through the Utah Department of Commerce;
(4) include coursework designed to ensure that the educator is able to meet the Utah Effective Teaching Standards and Educational Leadership Standards established in R277-530;
(5) in the case of content endorsements, include coursework that is, at minimum, equivalent to the course requirements for the endorsement as established by USOE;
(6) establish entry requirements designed to ensure that only high quality individuals enter the licensure program; requirements shall include the following minimum components, beginning August 1, 2014:

Adopting Authority: 
State Board of Education
Implementing Authority: 
State Department of Education
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