Colorado - Student Assessments: Assessment Authority

Assessment Authority
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The Colorado State Board has full authority to adopt assessments.


22-7-406. Adoption of state model content standards, state assessments, and timelines - resource bank. (1) (c) In the process of revising and adopting the state content standards pursuant to section 22-7-1005, the board shall adopt standards for financial literacy that address, at a minimum, the financial literacy topics specified in section 22-2-127 (1). Following adoption of the financial literacy standards, the board shall identify the financial literacy standards that are appropriately assessed within a mathematics assessment and shall ensure that the identified standards are assessed within the mathematics assessments administered as part of the system of assessments adopted pursuant to section 22-7-1006. Inclusion of one or more financial literacy standards within a mathematics assessment shall not prevent the board from assessing the remaining financial literacy standards within one or more other assessments.

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State Department of Education
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