Missouri - Student Assessments: Assessment Authority

Assessment Authority
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The Missouri State Board of Education shall adopt an assessment system.


160.518. 1. Consistent with the provisions contained in section 160.526, the state board of education shall develop, modify, and revise, as necessary, a statewide assessment system that provides maximum flexibility for local school districts to determine the degree to which students in the public schools of the state are proficient in the knowledge, skills, and competencies adopted by such board pursuant to section 160.514. The statewide assessment system shall assess problem solving, analytical ability, evaluation, creativity, and application ability in the different content areas and shall be performance-based to identify what students know, as well as what they are able to do, and shall enable teachers to evaluate actual academic performance. The statewide assessment system shall neither promote nor prohibit rote memorization and shall not include existing versions of tests approved for use pursuant to the provisions of section 160.257, nor enhanced versions of such tests. After the state board of education adopts and implements academic performance standards as required under section 161.855, the state board of education shall develop and adopt a standardized assessment instrument under this section based on the academic performance standards adopted under section 161.855. The statewide assessment system shall measure, where appropriate by grade level, a student's knowledge of academic subjects including, but not limited to, reading skills, writing skills, mathematics skills, world and American history, forms of government, geography and science.

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State Board of Education
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State Department of Education
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