New Mexico - Student Assessments: English Language Arts

English Language Arts
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The assessments that are required are: SBA (English 3-8); New Mexico Alternative Performance Assessment (grades 3-8, high school); New Mexico High School Competency Exam; ACCESS for ELLs; EOC (History ,Algebra, Economics, US Government, math); PARCC (2011).


NMSBA is a statewide assessment program administered in third grade through high school. The New Mexico standardized tests assess reading, math, writing, science, and social studies. NMSBA is taken from 3rd to 8th grade, and is aligned to New Mexico state standards. The NMSBA tests measure students’ critical thinking skills in the major content areas. Eleventh grade students are assessed using the New Mexico High School Standards Assessment (NMHSSA), which is a standards-based test that measures how well students are mastering reading, math, writing, science, and social studies. The New Mexico High School Competency Examination (NMHSCE) is given to all students in 10th grade and to students in 11th grade and 12th grade who have not yet passed all sections of the test. High school students must pass all sections of the NMHSCE in order to graduate.

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State Board of Education
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State Department of Education
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