Oklahoma - Student Assessments: English Language Arts

English Language Arts
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The assessments that are required are: Oklahoma School Testing Program (3-8, End of Instruction EOI): Oklahoma core Curriculum Tests (3- and seven EOI assessments). Oklahoma Alternate Assessment Program; Oklahoma Modified Alternate Assessment Program (only for EOI second time test takers with previous score)


There are two types of assessments within the Oklahoma Student Testing Program (OSTP) for Grades 3-8 and "End-of-Instruction" (EOI) secondary level. All assessments are aligned to the state-mandated Core curriculum, the Oklahoma Academic Standards, which has been adopted by the State Board of Education. 1.) General Assessments: (Also referred to as: Oklahoma Core Curriculum Tests or OCCT). These Criterion Referenced Tests are intended for Grades 3-8 in various subject areas and the seven EOI assessments. 2.) Portfolio Assessments: (Also referred to as: Oklahoma Alternate Assessment Program, OAAP). These assessments measure achievement of alternate academic standards of the state curriculum for children with the most significant cognitive disabilities.

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State Board of Education
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State Department of Education
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