Louisiana - Community Service Education/ Service Learning: Programs or Services

Programs And Services
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State law requires districts to implement community service education or service learning programs, orencourages and offers student incentives for participation (e.g., recognition programs or course credit).

Louisiana Administrative Code 28 CXV 2317 High Schools

I. Community Service Diploma Endorsement

    1. LEAs may allow students to earn a community service diploma endorsement.
    1. Entering freshmen in 2013-2014 and beyond may earn the community service diploma endorsement by completing documented community service according to the following schedule:
    • a. ninth grade--10 hours;

    • b. tenth grade--20 hours;

    • c. eleventh grade--25 hours;

    • d. twelfth grade--25 hours;

    • e. total--80 hours.

    1. The LEAs shall collect documentation of community service hours on forms provided on the LDE website.
    1. Students transferring into a participating LEA after the ninth grade or students graduating early may receive an endorsement provided that the minimum requirement for each year they attend a participating LEA is met and a total of 80 community service hours are completed prior to graduation.
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