Rhode Island - Community Service Education/ Service Learning: Programs or Services

Programs And Services
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State law requires districts to implement community service education or service learning programs, orencourages and offers student incentives for participation (e.g., recognition programs or course credit).

Rhode Island General Laws § 16-22-21. Community service learning.

(a) The legislature recognizes the importance of community service learning as a means of enhancing life in the community and as a way of enlightening young people about the needs of others. Whenever young people are led through teaching and example, the likelihood of their becoming productive citizens in society is increased a thousandfold.
(b) The department of elementary and secondary education shall encourage the establishment of community service learning programs in local school districts by developing a model program and appropriate guidelines for implementation of the model program. Any local school district may petition the commissioner of education for approval of its community service learning program, which may be used in partial fulfillment of the requirement for obtaining a high school diploma. The commissioner shall develop criteria that local school districts may use as a means of determining and recognizing community service learning activities for credit towards a high school diploma. Local school districts that elect to establish community service learning programs pursuant to this section shall submit community service learning program plans for approval by the commissioner every five (5) years.

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