Oklahoma - Community Use of Public School Facilities: Partnerships

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State laws encourages and/or incentivizes the community use of school buildings and property for recreation or other purposes.

Oklahoma Statutes 11-33-103. Powers of cities, towns, counties and school districts.

Any city, town, school district or county may establish, provide, maintain, construct, set apart and conduct, either singly or jointly in cooperation with one or more of the other governmental units specified herein, parks, playgrounds, recreation centers, athletic fields or grounds, swimming pools, social and community centers, and other facilities and activities in public schools, parks, buildings and facilities now owned or acquired. For such purposes the governing body of the governmental unit may dedicate and set apart for use as playgrounds, recreation centers and other recreational purposes any lands or buildings, or both, owned or leased by the governmental unit and not dedicated or devoted to another public use. The governmental unit may, in such manner as may now or hereafter be authorized or provided by law for the acquisition of lands or buildings for public purposes by the governmental unit, acquire or lease lands or buildings, or both, within or beyond the corporate limits of the governmental unit for playgrounds, recreation centers and other recreational purposes. When the governing body of the governmental unit shall dedicate, set apart, acquire or lease buildings for such purposes, it may on its own initiative provide for their conduct, equipment and maintenance according to the provisions of this subarticle by making an appropriation from the general revenues of the governmental unit as for other current expenses of the governmental unit. Any governing body is hereby authorized and empowered to establish, provide, maintain, construct and conduct recreational activities on local nongovernmental properties as well as on publicly-owned facilities.

Oklahoma Statutes 70-5-130. School buildings and property - Permission to use for other purposes.

A. The board of education of any school district may, under such regulations and conditions as it may prescribe, encourage increased community involvement in the public schools. These regulations and conditions may include:

    1. Open any school building and permit the use of any property belonging to such district for religious, political, literary, community, cultural, scientific, mechanical, agricultural or parental involvement purposes, and other purposes of general public interest including the provision of public library services pursuant to agreements with governing boards or commissions of public libraries or library systems;
    1. Contract to provide transportation equipment as defined in Section 9-104 of this title for any purpose specified in paragraph 1 of this subsection; and
    1. Make a reasonable charge to cover the cost of the use of such building, property or transportation equipment.

B. The State Board of Education shall encourage each board of education to inquire into and promote the use of its school buildings and property for the purposes provided in subsection A of this section for such activities both before and after regular school hours.

C. Any youth group listed in Title 36 of the United States Code as a patriotic society shall be allowed the use of any school building or property to provide services allowing students to participate in activities provided by the groups at times other than instructional time during the school day.

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