Pennsylvania - Community Use of Public School Facilities: Partnerships

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State laws encourages and/or incentivizes the community use of school buildings and property for recreation or other purposes.

Pennsylvania Unconsolidated Statutes 1949 Act 14. Section 775. Use of School Buildings for Other Purposes; Arrangements with City, Borough or Township.

The board of school directors of any district may permit the use of its school grounds and buildings for social, recreation, and other proper purposes, under such rules and regulations as the board may adopt. The board shall make such arrangements with any city, borough, or township authorities for the improvement, care, protection, and maintenance of school buildings and grounds for school, park, play, or other recreation purposes, as it may see proper. Any board of school directors may make such arrangements as it may see proper with any officials or individuals for the temporary use of school property for schools, playgrounds, social, recreation, or other proper educational purposes, primaries and elections, and may permit the use of any school building for holding official meetings of the governing authorities of corporate or politic, governmental or quasi-governmental bodies, created by authority of any act of Assembly. The use thereof shall not interfere with school programs and shall be subject to reasonable rules and regulations adopted by the board of school directors.

Funds raised by individuals, groups, associations, or corporations, through the permissive use of school grounds or buildings, now or hereafter authorized by law, shall be the property of the individuals, groups, associations, or corporations, and not the property of the school district, subject, however, to such arrangements as the board may, at its discretion, lawfully make.

The board of school directors of any school district shall have power and authority to lease any part of their respective school building, equipment and premises, or any vacant building, for any educational purpose. Such leases shall be subject to the terms and regulations which may be adopted by the board of school directors, and except in districts of the first class, shall be further subject to the approval of the Department of Public Instruction.

The board of public education or the board of school directors of any school district shall have power and authority to lease any of their respective school buildings or athletic fields to any reputable organization or group of persons for charitable purposes, subject to such charges as the board shall consider proper to reimburse it for any costs resulting from the leasing of such school buildings or athletic fields. At the time of such leasing, any such board may require a bond, in an amount that it may deem proper, with responsible sureties or securities, and a statement of the charitable purposes for which such lease is requested.

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