Utah - Community Use of Public School Facilities: Partnerships

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State laws encourages and/or incentivizes the community use of school buildings and property for recreation or other purposes.

Utah Administrative Code R277-113-7. School Sponsored Activities.

(4) An LEA or individual public school shall comply with the following regarding school and nonschool sponsored activities:

  • (a) An LEA may establish LEA specific rules or polices designating categories of school sponsored activities or groups and establishing LEA policy regarding use of facilities or LEA resources.
  • (b) An LEA may enter into contractual agreements to allow for fundraising and use of LEA facilities.
    • (i) An agreement under Subsection (4)(a) shall take into consideration the LEA's fiduciary responsibility for the management and use of public funds.
    • (ii) An LEA should consult with the LEA's insurer or legal counsel, or both, to ensure risks are adequately considered and managed;
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