West Virginia - Community Use of Public School Facilities: Partnerships

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statute; regulation

State laws encourages and/or incentivizes the community use of school buildings and property for recreation or other purposes.

West Virginia Code 18-5A-2. Local school improvement councils; election.

(k)  In order to promote innovations and improvements in the environment for teaching and learning at the school, a school improvement council shall receive cooperation from the school in implementing policies and programs it may adopt to:

  • (1)  Encourage the involvement of parent(s), guardian(s) or custodian(s) in their child's educational process and in the school;
  • (2)  Encourage businesses to provide time for their employees who are parent(s), guardian(s) or custodian(s) to meet with teachers concerning their child's education;
  • (3)  Encourage advice and suggestions from the business community;
  • (4)  Encourage school volunteer programs and mentorship programs; and
  • (5)  Foster utilization of the school facilities and grounds for public community activities.

West Virginia Administrative Code 126-99. EXPECTED BEHAVIOR IN SAFE AND SUPPORTIVE SCHOOLS (4373)


Section 3. Responsibilities of County Boards of Education

Policy Development: Each county board of education shall have policies and procedures for implementing Policy 4373. County board policies must address and adhere to all applicable federal and state laws sited within this policy. County board policies and procedures must include guidelines for school level implementation.

County board of education policies shall also include safeguards to protect the safe and supportive environment of the school. These safeguards shall include but not be limited to:

  • The responsibility of school administration to implement provisions of this policy with specific regard to education, communication and enforcement provisions;
  • Clear procedures for identification, intervention and referral of students with behavioral and substance abuse issues;
  • Assurance that no school or board of education property or school or county publication may be used for the advertisement of any tobacco or alcohol product. In accordance with W. Va. §126CSR86, Policy 4321.1 - Standards for School Nutrition, county boards of education should minimize marketing other foods and beverages in the high school setting by locating their distribution in low student traffic areas and by ensuring that the exterior of vending machines does not depict commercial logos of products or suggest that the consumption of vended items conveys a health or social benefit.
  • Assurance that groups using school facilities shall sign agreements with the county board of education agreeing to comply with the environmental safeguards set forth in this policy; and
  • Assurance that students, parents and spectators will be informed by public address systems that this policy remains in force on evenings, weekends and any other time that school is not in session.
    West Virginia Secretary of State
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