Wisconsin - Community Use of Public School Facilities: Partnerships

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State laws encourages and/or incentivizes the community use of school buildings and property for recreation or other purposes.

Wisconsin Statutes 119.70 Use of school buildings and grounds for civic purposes.

(1) The board may establish and maintain for children and adults, in the school buildings and on the school grounds, evening schools, vacation schools, reading rooms, library stations, debating clubs, gymnasiums, public playgrounds, public baths and similar activities and accommodations to be determined by the board. The board may cooperate, by agreement, with other commissions or boards having the custody and management of public parks, libraries, museums and public buildings and grounds of whatever sort to provide the equipment, supervision, instruction and oversight necessary to carry on such public educational and recreational activities in and upon such other buildings and grounds.
(3) The board shall report to the common council on or before the first Monday in August of each year the amount of money required during the ensuing school year for the support of activities under sub. (1). The common council shall levy and collect a special tax in the manner that other taxes are levied and collected, equal to the amount of money so required for the activities. The tax shall not be used or appropriated, directly or indirectly, for any other purpose.
(4) All moneys received by or raised in the school district for the activities under sub. (1) shall be paid to the city treasurer, to be disbursed in the manner that other school district funds are disbursed.
(5) Nothing in this section prohibits the board from granting the use of school property to religious organizations under s. 120.13 (17).

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